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SEPT 11 ; WE HAVE MOVED TO AN OTHER HOSTER, SOME EMAILS HAVE BEEN LOOSED FROM 1 TO 10 SEPTEMBER, SO, PLEASE WRITE US AGAIN, THANK YOU *** Before to visit our warehouse,please call us . 0144 596007 ; SVP Appellez nous avant de venir ici, merci !

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from: 21-04-2018
to: 22-04-2018
fair name: Turin Toys
place: Torino Esposizioni
opening hours: 9.00 - 19.30
when you can find us: SI
our categories: treni USA, Statico,etc
about this fair: causa volume di carico limitato, se qualcosa vi interessa, ditelo per tempo,grazie.

Bradicich Korps - Advanced Modelling Imports - via Vittorio Veneto 2 - Ponti 15010 AL - ITA - P.IVA 01855320063 - Tel/Fax +39.0144.596007